Fool's Paradise University Gallery, University of Florida
Fool’s Paradise is a constructed spectacle commenting on human social behavior as an aspect of modern society. This thesis project illuminates the American culture of consumerism, voyeurism, narcissism, and human morality through the establishment of a satirical amusement park. A combination of saturated colored prints, wallpaper, sculpture pieces and print ephemera act to lure the viewer through a flamboyant overload of grotesque imagery resembling common goods and sights that are popular in theme parks.This serves to comment on this consumer society, those ignorant of their behavior and blind to their self-absorbed inconsiderate actions. Visitors find themselves in a world created for their amusement; they seek noise, shock, thrills, an enchanted spectacle. In doing so, these patrons become the show. Fool’s Paradise creates a world in which the visitors to the gallery will not only witness this spectacle, but unwittingly are forced to join in.
Foot Map and Poster Design for Fool's Paradise
Postcard for Fool's Paradise, 3 Color Screen-print.
Hot Dog Cart & Sign made from laser-cut materials, painted and rolled with ink.
Pull My Finger Pennants for Sale on the cart.
The best carnies a girl could ask for! Patrick Hibbard, Kristin Sarette, and Erin O'Connell
Fool's Paradise Map
Wood Figurine, carved birch plywood.
Photos posted to instagram with #foolsparadise
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