2021 High Five Awards

A Community Recognition for five people who have added value to the Orlando community through their efforts to nurture, support, celebrate, and provide opportunities for women, minorities, and other marginalized, underrepresented community members. I designed the branding, assets, social media campaign, and the award given to five members of the Orlando Community. The Award was presented at the virtual Resolutions 2021 Conference by the Women Lead Initiative Team. 

Announcements for the Award on AIGA Orlando's Instagram
Nominees and award winners were announced in Instagram posts and stories.
A process video of screen-printing the AIGA ORL logo.
The award was made from maple hardwood, planed with the table saw and mitre saw to create the shape. Color and graphics were screen-print and sealed with polyurethane. The trophies are 3" x 8" x 3"
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